Choosing the best white gold Midsizee DATEJUST For You

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Choosing the best white gold Midsizee DATEJUST For You!

Thanks to its color, the white gold midsize Datejust is a lavish Rolex watch without being outwardly extravagant. Actually, at first glance, it could be mistaken for a steel stainless steel Rolex. However, those familiar with Rolex hallmarks will quickly recognize that the white gold midsize Datejust is in fact crafted in precious metal. Let’s learn some more.

Brief History About the White Gold Midsize Datejust

Recognized as a unisex Datejust, the midsize Datejust sports a 31mm case. Like all Datejust watches, it comes equipped with the famous date aperture at 3 o’clock, which turns instantaneously to the following date at the stroke of midnight. Furthermore, the midsize Datejust also bears the iconic Cyclops lens protruding on the crystal to magnify the date, thus making it easier to read the number displayed in the window. Finally, although it strictly adheres to Datejust design codes, the white gold editions do offer plenty of bezel, bracelet, and dial choices.

The white gold version of the midsize Datejust followed a very similar journey to other midsize Datejust watches. From the mid-1970s until the middle of the next decade, the white gold midsize Datejust had the four-digit 68xx reference numbers. These particular vintage models included acrylic crystals and their automatic movements did not include the quickset feature. That changed in the mid-1980s when Rolex replaced them with updated white gold midsize Datejust watches with the five-digit 68xxx reference numbers. This time, these particular Datejust watches featured sapphire crystal, in addition to the practical quickset functionality. This meant that wearers could now adjust the date without needing to manipulate the hour and minute hands.

The next big change that happened to the white gold midsize Datejust collection took place about 15 years later with the introduction of the five-digit ref. 78xxx models in the late 1990s. New to the white gold midsize Datejust was the in-house Caliber 2235 automatic movement offering better precision, reliability, and sturdiness. However, these specific models were not in production for too long since Rolex replaced them with six-digit reference models in the early 2000s with heavier bracelets and improved clasps. The six-digit ref. 178xxx models are the current white gold midsize Datejust watches available from Rolex today.


White Gold Midsize Datejust President

While the white gold midsize Datejust watches are available with the option of different bracelets, including the flatter and sportier Oyster along with the dressier and more intricate Jubilee, it’s the President bracelet that’s the most popular choice.

That’s probably because unlike the Oyster and the Jubilee, the curvy semi-circular links of the President bracelet are exclusively avai in precious metals. Therefore, if a white gold midsize Datejust comes with a President bracelet, it’s a quick way to differentiate it from a stainless steel Datejust.

White Gold Midsize Datejust Tridor

An intriguing version of the white gold midsize Datejust is the Tridor version. The word “Tridor” is a portmanteau of the words “tri” (three) and “d’Or (French for golden) which refers to the three shades of gold on this particular Rolex watch. While the case is made in 18k white gold, the fluted bezel sitting on top of it is fashioned in 18k yellow gold. Furthermore, the center links of the President bracelet flaunts a stripe design with alternating rose, yellow, and white gold—flanked by outer white gold links. Why choose between the trio of gold hues when you can enjoy all of them on a white gold midsize Datejust Tridor model?

The white gold midsize Datejust Rolex watch is a great choice for someone looking for a gold luxury watch that’s not too big or not too small. Whether you prefer entirely metal versions or more fancy diamond editions, current modern models or vintage beauties, there’s a wide range of white gold midsize Datejust Rolex watches to choose from.


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